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I’m back! So sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I have been busy, but a great busy. Although I haven’t posted in awhile, I also want to encourage you in this. Quality over quantity. Don’t try to push something out just to keep up with everyone else. Be led in all things, with words you say and the purpose behind them.

Which brings me to share about the next venture that God has entrusted me with. April of 2017 I posted online a group girls trip to Dubai, UAE with a full on itinerary catered to the adventurer including next level accommodation & activities based on my experience of living there for 3 years and it SOLD OUT in under 2 hours!

I immediatley saw the need of girls traveling abroad, in Christ centered retreats. So I then began brainstorming with God where else to host the retreats. He then gave me the green light for Cape Town and I quadrupled the intakes with 4 weeks.

This wasn’t my “goal” to host these trips. In fact, I am still working as an executive assistant to my friend who is in ministry.  Still traveling with her, managing her schedule, while planning retreats and working on this ministry.

Now before I launched the trip, it was a HUGE leap of faith. I put a non-refundable deposit on the accommodation blindly, but with the conviction that this was what God wanted me to do. Now the purpose and the mission for the trip is to expose other women to traveling overseas and the experiences I have had, I believe God gave to me for a reason and my heart is to share what I have seen and have enjoyed with others. Changing their perspective on life and their future, making the impossible, possible. Now, I love some adventure & bucket list activities & that is what the itinerary was filled of. I made NO profit what so ever from the trip. I actually put more money into it, sowing into the ladies and their future.


What a day looked like: Waking up in the morning in our matching satin pajamas, looking over our 90th floor balcony (shout out to Samer who hosted the home!), having breakfast made by one of the girls who was the “mom” of the house before having a quick devotion and time for prayer. Resting and going on a safari, riding camels, henna tattoos and sharing life experiences that only brought us closer.

Bible study views from the 90th floor!

There were girls from Paris, New York, Texas, Virginia, Alabama, Michigan, Wisconsin, Cleveland, and California who booked & came for this trip! God literally brought all these girls from across the nation to meet in Dubai with one purpose. To step out in faith, adventure with God and trust Him. What was so great was that this trip was with purpose. Yes, you can go on group travel trips, but you have the chance of people dropping out, others having different perspectives of fun & values, the list can go on. But everyone had one goal in mind, to glorify God in action and truth. Everyone got along and it was seriously a great group of girls. I hosted the trip to help others, but they really helped me. I learned a lot and grew so much from just being entrusted to be their host.

Pajama night!

One of the girls even stated that one of her friends went to Dubai a few weeks prior and didn’t do nearly half the stuff we did. Since I lived there before, I knew where to go and things to see. Often the things we experience, we want to keep to ourselves. But I love sharing with others things that I have seen and knowledge that I know. I believe since this is one of my qualities and desires, God exposes me to so many things because he entrusts me to give the opportunity to others. It’s my joy. That is why I had a “how to work and live abroad workshop” and “how to publish a book workshop on the retreat.” To equip people with knowledge that extends beyond the retreat. Whether they are in transition, trying to figure out the next thing God wants them to do and use the time to travel or write a book, they can with the knowledge they were exposed to.

Here are what a few had to say about what they loved most about the trip:

“The opportunity we had to grow as women and how we are now challenged and charged to take it forward.”
“I loved the entire concept. I loved the desert safari, location of where we stayed, PJs, My Arabic name chain, Mosque and Burj Al Arab brunch, Bible, book, gifts and the elegant dinners.”
“The combination of spiritual fellowship and fun sightseeing. And also making new friends and being able to share life experiences with like-minded believers.”
“I really loved the workshops and getting to know each of the ladies. Loved the variety of activities and the full filled kitchen of snacks and treats. I loveeeeeeeeed church service and global village. I loved loved loved the gifts we received throughout the trip, morning devotions, vegan conversations with my roommates and just over all purpose of the trip.”


Whatever God is calling you to do, He will bring others to help carry the vision God has entrusted you. A few months before launching the trip, a girl reached out to me and asked to be my intern. I was confused. An intern? What do I have going on?! But God knew, that the capacity of what I was entering in, I would need extra hands. Soon enough, as I got to planning, sending out emails and on ground in Dubai, she was there and went over and beyond. Helping me to lead discussions, getting the girls together and more. I’m so grateful for her and God couldn’t have been more on time.

My sweet intern, Najma!

Now, this isn’t my organization or ministry, it’s the Lord’s. This is His idea and His life that I live. I graduated with a college degree in Marketing and planned on working in a building in Corporate, but God had other plans. Now he is entrusting me with the nations, leading other women around the globe with His leading. Don’t let any “no’s” or “closed doors” discourage you. God is protecting you and aligning you on a path called your journey into what He is calling you to do. Don’t compare your lane to others and try to “keep up.” If you don’t know what He’s calling you to do – He may sure enough be calling you to do something no one else has done before.

Seek Him first in everything you do (Matthew 6:33). Don’t be impressed with yourself (Galations 6:5) and always look for ways to give others the advantage.

If you are interested in joining one of the upcoming retreats in Cape Town, Dubai, or Thailand – I would love to meet you. You can do so by going to or clicking here


Bon voyage!



Captured at our all white welcome dinner! 🙂


P.S. Here’s the link to the Penthouse we stayed at in Dubai! I totally recommend it 🙂

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